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I was already coveting Habu paper yarn and others, but now with these examples I'm positively lustful!

A Dutch designer called Greetje van Tiem makes yarn from old newspaper; Italian artist Ivano Vitali is already all over that.
I love how the comments from the dezeen.com post are teeming with people who want to buy some, to make some, and who're already trying to reproduce the result. Enthusiasm is fun.


I can't believe I completely missed the latest Anticraft! By months! Where  was my head.

And it's an entire issue on our friend the pig  (like we used to say with the most gluttonous of my Exes: "le cochon est notre ami". Derivation of sorts on the French classic saying "tout est bon dans le cochon"). Of most worthy note, the embroidered Bacon of Hate. I'm having a phase, being more and more drawn to embroidery; I think this has to come on the list of things to embroider in the summer.

Though I might have spoken too fast, because the recipe for bacon chocolate fudge and the angel crafted out of bacon are indeed also noteworthy.


I'm knitting! It deserves an exclamation mark because for a month or two I found myself utterly unable to settle on a project. I finished one or two piteously small an uninteresting WIPs, then gnashed teeth and frothed at the mouth while trying to pick something else to do. Since knitting is rage-therapy, and well, therapy period, for me, not knitting meant a lot of bile and anger to repress. And yet, starting something was suddenly impossible, as I had infused everything with a sense  not of urgency but of *importance*. I was looking at the yarn I'd recycled and dyed and trying to pick a "worthy" project for it; I was eyeing patterns I could not afford to buy (I'm poor at the moment) and getting frustrated over them even though there are a thousand free patterns waiting for me to get to them; I found myself squinting at large pieces, garments and shawls, when all my yarn buying has always been limited to 2 skeins of the same thing at a time, pretty much. All in all, everything was generally inadequate, either me or the projects or the world, and it was irritating and craziness-inducing.

Thankfully, it faded out. And so, I'm knitting my first adult garment that is not a scarf or hat or mittens - a short cardi-like thing based on this recipe for a 'sassymetrical' top. Mine is horizontally striped, and I had to adjust the numbers of course (not the same gauge, plus I am NOT an XS). I did picot edging for the first time ever on the sleeves' edges, though one of them is giving me trouble and I might have to undo and redo for the third time. For once instead of putting stuff up into Ravelry and then having to mark it hibernating or frogged, I decided to wait until i can upload pics of the finished project, ha. Exciting!

I'm using a heathered dark purple-brown-bronze bamboo from La Droguerie, part of a kit I received as a present and dismantled as I am wont to do, and 3 balls of Karabella Frost in a faded red or crushed raspberry color (color 9259 - 30% cashmere/30% silk/40% viscose) that I bought second hand from the adorable Cosette Cornelius-Bates from Cosy knits, literally
fame at the same time as I bought her a signed copy of her book, Knit one, embellish too. You can see why I need her patterns, what with being a small projects knitter and all. That, and they rock! (I've wanted to know how to make a root vegetable hat for ever).

In summary: yarn, yaye.

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