holidays make me chatty...

Wah, I am still really bad at updating this, uh. Let's do it in reverse chronological order, shall we?

In culinary news, yesterday I tried this recipe for experimental dark chocolate chip / bacon cookies.

bacon cookies

I messed up and put the bacon bits and chocolate chips in the dough at the same time as the flour.. So the whole thing ended up less bit-heavy that it should have been: the chocolate and bacon got chopped fine fine fine by the food processor. Still, an interesting experiment, and I will know better next time! I like the result a lot. It was also my first time ever making sugar icing, which is easier than pie!


Yay for icing.

On Christmas day, I went to see friends and brought the one piece of Christmas knitting I had done to finally gift it to its tiny recipient:

Gaspard in his BSJ

Gaspard got his Baby Surprise Jacket. I am so proud! The pattern is as magical as everybody says. Next time I do one with a variegated yarn, promise.


Earlier, I decorated our tree... Which proved very hard to photograph at least for my poor skill at it.

whole christmas tree

I chose to stick to red and silver this time, two colors are enough and make it easier to do something pretty in a shorter time span (I put it all together on the 23th in an hour). I love decorating the tree, but there's not ritual of community around it, I was left alone to do it according to my whims and wants. I should take a picture of Mom's nativity scene some time, which she puts up every year because it's beautiful (and ritual) even though she's Jewish, and above all, an atheist.

Yet before that, in the week prior to coming down here to celebrate,

coussin 2

I hand sewed a cushion from a recycled sweater made of part angora as a Xmas present for my brother.

I particularly like its underbelly.

coussin 3

At the same time as I was finally doing my Christmas crafting I decided I should really knit myself mittens, since it had become really cold. It was clear by then that my endpaper mitts had entered hibernation, as ravelry puts it, and my focus was nowhere near where it needs to be for knitting colorwork.. Thankfully, Ysolda Teague had just come up with a handy pattern!

mitt 1, take 2

I jumped at it and improvised a version w/ a different stitch count to match the bulkier yarn: I wanted them in Manos. Tada! In less than 24 hours I was done with my wonderfully warm mittens. Mmmm, toasty.

Whew! I think the catching up is done - let's leave the November leek pie and punkin biscuits to the mists of history where they now belong.

I hope you're having a wonderful holiday season, whether you celebrate them or not. Let's hope 2008 can be kind to us all.


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Baconcookies!! I saw the recipe, as well, and I was curious but slightly put off by the thought. But now I think I'll have to try them... >_> XD!

The mittens look great, too...

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