erroneous lifelong preconception

Today, I discovered that for years I have not been doing what I thought I was. Apparently this is the long tail cast on, when what I've been doing all along is this, aka the twisted German cast on, that I was mistakenly calling long tail. I found this out through a comment with embedded video on Livejournal in the knitting community. I'm still sort of in shock, heh. I'm surprised, too, because the person who posted the video mentioned that it's a stretchy, springy cast on. I've always found it quite tight, and its tightness is actually part of the reasons that made me think it was the long tail cast on, which everybody always notes is tight. I think tubular is stretchy, but twisted German? Not so much... In other news, I have a ton of pictures to edit, of the yarn I added to the stash during my trip to the UK, and of several FOs: the Hemlock Ring blanket I knit last week (which I just dyed blue - it's cooling as we speak), a ribbon scarf I knit out of bamboo for my friend in London, and the Noro Silk Garden vest I knit sideways for Mom this week. But I'm a little too tired to fiddle with that right now, so it'll be for another day!

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ana! I--I am shocked. I did not realize this, but I, too, have done a German twisted all of this time and thought that it was long tail.

...hell. What ELSE am I doing wrong!? Much as I usually like being self taught, sometimes I find myself thinking that it would be better if there was someone to smack me and say HEY! YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG.

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