The Big Picture from the Boston Globe is often amazing - a recommended feed-reader item for sure - but I don't think I've personally been as blown away by their pages before as I was by this entry about the recent underwater volcano eruption near Tonga, and this one, about the Holi celebrations in India (Holi is the Festival of Colors).



Christoph Niemann sees New York in legos.

Roll the world...

fauna ftw

Newish cute-pics-themed blog Fuck you, Penguin is not always funny, perhaps, but with pictures such as this one or that one it wins me over anyway.

presidential momification

In one of the smartest pieces that has been written about the next first lady, Geraldine Brooks' profile of her in the October issue of More magazine, Brooks writes that while you can see Michelle's life as the quintessential modern woman's success story, the trajectory can also be read as a "depressingly retrograde narrative of stifling gender roles and frustrating trade-offs."

Michelle Obama article in Salon

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