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Cookbook on twitter: recipes (serves 3-4) in 140 character. A linguistic topical challenge sometimes, which makes it all the better imo.

Hey, Hot Shot! - a photo competition / exposition project of some kind. I admit, I needed to keep the link around mostly only for the "Don't wreck my car." connection. (fannish injoke [sg:a], don't worry).

I got that link from this Kottke.org post, which I also want to keep around.

Via the great K as well: A story using only words from The Cat in the Hat. Glee.

For the hopeful, the future, or the busy: Brijit - to revisit later. And in a different category: Exploratree.

This seems worth mentionning also:
Scientists began sequencing DNA from all sorts of environments. After looking at human gut microflora, they learned that each individual has his or her own characteristic set of a thousand species. “These represent three million genes that you carry,” points out Kolter, “as compared to the estimated 18,000 genes of the human genome. So you are living and exchanging [metabolites] constantly with a diverse pool of some three million genes.” Microbiologists continue to find new taxonomic divisions of microbes far faster than they can figure out how to culture them.

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I stole this from ML - it fills me with snarky glee, I admit. 300 was so vile. Watch it! And, and while you're at it, watch this too. AWESOME.

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LOLdolls anyone?

Be a realdoll yourself! Fascinating, and so full of potential... *spins (plastic) yarns*

IM-IN-UR-WASTELANDS-RUINING-UR-LITERATURES - I know most intelligent people are tired of LOLstuff already, but I've been hooked on repetitive humor since forever, so that doesn't apply to me. Comes w/ bonus LOLCarroll in there, which totally made my day with glee:
waz brillig an teh slithy tovez
waz gyrin an gimblin in teh
all mimsy waz teh borogovez
mome rathez can haz outgrabe?

im in yr tulgey wood snicker-snackin yr jabberwockeyz
(thank you, gottabefunky, thank you.)

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In Los Angeles you can be standing next to another human being but you may as well be standing next to a geological formation. Whatever that thing is, it doesn't care about you. And you don't care about it. Get over it. You're alone in the world. Do something interesting.
Economists seem to be shocked that more than a million people have paid an average of somewhere around 4 pounds to download the Radiohead album.

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horse & carriage

Sex & marriage w/ artificial partners : "The question is not if this will happen, but when," Levy said. "I am convinced the answer is much earlier than you think."

I feel tired just thinking of it.

Snooze or Lose / Less sleep for kids : more obesity, impaired cognitive abilities, deepset negativity. Oh, and TV-watching might not be the root of all evil, after all.

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Simple Juxtaposition

These have stayed open and "with me" for a while now. Right next to one another. The Pleasure of Unpleasure by Kristina Lloyd on Lust Bites & Power, Force, Overwhelmsion and Beauty by Bitchy Jones. And today, this popped up, and perhaps it's a little, hm, to the side from the first links, in a related territory but not exactly in the same 'space'... Or perhaps like me you'll find that there's a lot these posts have in common : Me versus You; All of us versus The Man.

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