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grab bag

Stating the obvious

Crossing things off my todo list makes me feel so. damn. good. Good bye, nagging guilt! Hello, achievements! Woot.

Oh, and for today's happiness, aside from wrapping presents and getting some work done: knitting with merino-silk blends. Mmmm, tactile pleasures.

several tiny happinesses

- The way that ironing paper towels on the surface where you splattered wax gets it magically clean again;
- Girasole, by Jared Flood of Brooklyntweed;
- Tiny edible penguins!
- Cookies nom nom nom.

happy prospects

There's a butternut squash on the kitchen table, waiting for me to cook it tomorrow. Mom baked bread from organic flour this evening, and it is delicious.

hearts in motion

Happiness of the day(s): This heart of paper; all these papers. <3

moar books!

The settlement between Google and the publishers of America makes me happy. Ars Technica notes that it will not-so-incidentally allow Google to become a bookseller, but online and electronic only, until they figure out a DRM-y way to sell the wares. I... wonder about things like Print On Demand, instead. Did the Ars Technica writer simply not think of it, or is it that the settlement expressly forbids such a thing? It would be like a reprint, but if there's revenue sharing at no cost to the publisher, then... Hmm.

happy stuff

Whoa. A new Mozart piece (re)discovered!

my own boom-de-yada

Early start on happy things, today

Oh, and peonies. I love peonies.