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Diigo test

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Life Tools: Personal development mini-site - several possibly useful links from 43 Folders

A series of pep-talks cum howtos from Steve Pavlina:

Cultivating Burning Desire;
30 days to success;
and the astonishing take the red pill - all of those I should really write about rather than simply link to, if I am to declutter the ol' brain more efficiently...

Not as interesting, but here because I (also) have something to write someday about the virtues of simplicity and the unsung hypnotism inherent in reading (coupled with the more readily known power of narratives), and because I really wanna close tabs, this 'let's imagine' exercise from about the simplest path to success. And last, at Slow Leadership, Letting Go, Letting Be and Letting Through, which I seriously need to heed.

Well, that's a few tabs closed, anyway.