Aug 212012

Story: Even when the lights go out
Author: theleaveswant
Fandom: inception
Pairing: ariadne/arthur
Rating: teen
Content notes: technically dubcon for surprise!hickey
Duration: 7:14mn
Size: 5.2MB

Download here

Or listen right here:

May 222012

I have a migraine today D: so no elaborate intro to this part, only the time codes Krytella prepared for us. <3

The whole thing is just over 13mn long.

Download it from Dropbox (9.6BM mp3)

Or listen to it right there:

00:00 Secret belly kink; fetishes & keeping secrets…
* Reference to Krytella’s Arthur/Ariadne fisting wip In which Ariadne gives Arthur a hand

06:00 sharing secrets, being seen / revealed, shame as a feeling we can relate to.
Here’s my post on the topic, w/ ref. & links to the shame researcher’s TED talks

I couldn’t post this without linking to Sickness and Shame by Recrudescence, because that’s where I unconsciously got the title (the mimicry didn’t occur to my conscious mind for a while there g), a delicious delicious underage!Arthur/pediatrician!Eames fic (xrated, content notes for power imbalance, humiliation, medical situation as well as underage/age-difference kink) making great use of erotic shame.

(And if you’re curious? Around 10:00, that’s the sound of Krytella moving around to shed her jeans :D)