C’est moi



If you’re here, you likely already know me or of me. For the purposes of this here podfic site, suffice it to say that I’m a fan who reads and records fanfic, mostly slashy, mostly x-rated, mostly kinky fanfic… but not always. :)

I hope you enjoy my recordings, and that you’ll be moved to tell me so (feedback is a lovely, powerful thing – though never mandatory).

If something doesn’t technically work for you on the site, the streaming or the downloading or anything else, feel free to poke me!

Fellow podficcers, please know that I am in favor of repodding! Don’t hesitate to record a story I’ve uploaded here if you want to. I can’t give permission on behalf of the author, you’ll have to deal with that on your own, but you already have mine. <3


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