May 102013

Story: My chart comes tumbling down
Author: Devildoll
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Rating: Explicit
Content notes: Friends With Benefits, Happy Ending
Duration: 34mn
Size: 16.5MB

Simulpod with Fleurrochard! Devildoll’s fic is irresistible :))

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Jan 062013

Story: Jinx Removing
Author: Devildoll
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Rating: Explicit
Content notes: sexual inexperience, first time, bottom!Derek
Duration: 40mn
Size: 28MB

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Oct 302012

Story: Words whispered by firelight
Author: Tigerlady
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Rating: Explicit
Content notes: mentions of bestiality, kink negotiation, danger play, trust and intimacy
Duration: 46mn
Size: 33MB

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Oct 112012

Story: All you’re giving me is friction
Author: Drunktuesdays
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Rating: mature
Content notes: alpha pack, original characters
Duration: 31mn
Size: 22MB

Download here

Oct 052012

Story: Sit, Stay
Author: Lolafeist
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Rating: Explicit
Content notes: puppy play, underage sex
Duration: 22mn
Size: 15MB mp3

Download here

Aug 192012

This story comes with inextricable ART that you should really see, so don’t hesitate to follow the link to the AO3 post. :))

Story: A Guy Like You (should wear a warning)
Author: Toomuchplor
Artist: Xenakis
Fandom: Inception
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Rating: Explicit
Content notes: crossdressing, cock worship, first time
Duration: 30:14
Size: 22MB

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Jul 062012

Download it here (39MB)

Story: The Almost Empty House
Author: Rachel Indeed
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Rating: All
Content notes: HP fusion
Duration: 55mn
Size 39MB mp3

Or listen to it right there:

(If the embedded player doesn’t work, sorry about that – I’m trying to debug the issue.)

May 192012

People named Emily should have posted their food porn story! IE, lots and lots and LOTS – 39mn’s worth – of discussion about food porn in fic as well as IRL, some feederism kink, chubby!Eames fic, pondering all sorts of sex+food issues and stories, etc.

So, yeah, trigger warning for food / weight / body image issues. Because of this, the download link is indirect (it goes through Google’s url shortener): the episode will not appear automatically if you’re subscribed to the podcast. I’ve had to remove it from the rss stream because I realized belatedly that there’s no trigger warning in the audio itself. Sorry about that. :(

Download it from Dropbox (28.1MB mp3)

Or listen to it right there:

0:00 People named Emily should have posted their food porn story! Sexy eating and sex incorporating food.
* Good to the last drop, the juice box fic by Jibrailis – not mentioned by name but clearly on topic. :)
* Eat me, drink me by ainsoph15, which is probably the fic we’re trying to describe at 1:00
* Example not mentioned in the audio, food-sex that deals realistically with the messiness: Strawberries and Wine by blue_fish

4:55 where we lost our virginity (we veered into RL stories for a while; it happens)

6:07 New Orleans prompt – that kink meme chubby!Eames fic prompt, feederism kink as body alteration, marking (when I say “we” in reference to that prompt I mean “the small group of us who were making big interested noises in this prompt”)
* Allowed verse by The_Ragnarok

15:50 my own Not Podfic-isation of the unwritten Foodies in France opus.

17:28 Consume My Heart Away by recrudescence, with art by Platina, unf. Grazing on the topic of stuffing as a kink, which term Krytella never admits to knowing but that is totally what she means.

23:59 bringing food into the bedroom vs. bringing sex into the kitchen, eating sushi off people, food + sex as D/s, human furniture or food control…

28:53 more about licking food off people

34:03 body issues, pondering how to avoid writing hedonistic fic that veers into or implies fatphobia – and I want to note here that I’m aware of how problematic it might be to use Ariadne as the female sidekick brought in “only” to provide a counterpoint to / enable the two male leads of a story, etc etc. I was thinking out loud and I’m still thinking and pondering the outline of that fic, so. Yeah. :)

Krytella adds this entertaining chubby!Eames fic found after she got home: A New Chapter in Our Lives and Notch in Our Belt.

May 172012

This one is longer, folks! About 36mn.

Offline writing vs online writing, how we get into fandoms, compliments/feedback and kink-shaming, evolving into a discussion of Inception mpreg and the nuances of mpreg kinks, my ode to Plor, some description of an ancient HP fic, and how I’ve been lucky to pretty much always read good mpreg (because there’s LOTS of it, my friends)

Download it from Dropbox (26.2MB)

Or listen to it right there:

Since it hits on several topics, here are some time codes to allow you to skip if you want:
0:00 online vs. offline writing and fan vs. “original” writing and community and how Krytella got into writing
10:20 getting into fandoms by loving the source vs. by loving the fandom
13:30 tropes, liking and not liking things, kink shaming in “positive” comments
21:16 mpreg, the different aspects of the kink, kink stigma, mpreg as body alteration kink…

(Amnesia) Pants on Fire: Story by Helenish with podfic by anatsuno
The Sweetest Thing by Foxxcub
And a Gunshot for her Lullaby
No Soul to Sell, by Toomuchplor
Atom to Atom, Pattern to Pattern by recrudescence
Steinway!verse series by toomuchplor (not mpreg)