Oct 302012

Story: Tall Kingdom I surround
Author: Toft
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: Atlantis/Everyone, John/Rodney
Rating: PG
Content notes: body alteration, cyborgs
Duration: 8mn
Size: 6MB

This fic is a remix of Synthesis, by Thingswithwings, which you can either read or listen to (mp3audiobook)! I only remembered there was a podfic after I recorded this, so I didn’t mention it in the audio notes, sorry. Note that there is another amazing remix of Synthesis, Cool Hand Luke, written by Fiercelydreamed.

I owe everything about this podfic to Jesse_the_k, who suggested the story when I was looking for something to finish my bingo, and then encouraged me every step of the way, gave me ideas, and beta’d the result. I really hope you enjoy the final version! You’re a gem. <3

Download here

Or listen right here: