Jul 062012

Download it here (39MB)

Story: The Almost Empty House
Author: Rachel Indeed
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Rating: All
Content notes: HP fusion
Duration: 55mn
Size 39MB mp3

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May 152012

I chose to call this one an interlude because it’s not really “not podfic” (in the sense that not podfic is us talking about stories we’d like to write or read) and more of a… sidebar.

Download it from Dropbox (4.6MB mp3)

Or listen to it right there:

So… an interlude spent discussing some of the fan art featured on buzzfeed’s most erotic sherlock fanart list
+ Krytella wants more rope bondage and is ready to beta any such stories, as a resident of the City of Pedantic Rope Bondage
+ For people interested in Sherlock fanart, my friend Mirabile regularly recs artists in that fandom and reposts her list of favorites often.