Aug 072012

Story: Good Intentions
Author: Helenish
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Rating: Teen
Content Notes: Underage, age difference
Duration: 18mn
Size: 13MB

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May 222012

I have a migraine today D: so no elaborate intro to this part, only the time codes Krytella prepared for us. <3

The whole thing is just over 13mn long.

Download it from Dropbox (9.6BM mp3)

Or listen to it right there:

00:00 Secret belly kink; fetishes & keeping secrets…
* Reference to Krytella’s Arthur/Ariadne fisting wip In which Ariadne gives Arthur a hand

06:00 sharing secrets, being seen / revealed, shame as a feeling we can relate to.
Here’s my post on the topic, w/ ref. & links to the shame researcher’s TED talks

I couldn’t post this without linking to Sickness and Shame by Recrudescence, because that’s where I unconsciously got the title (the mimicry didn’t occur to my conscious mind for a while there g), a delicious delicious underage!Arthur/pediatrician!Eames fic (xrated, content notes for power imbalance, humiliation, medical situation as well as underage/age-difference kink) making great use of erotic shame.

(And if you’re curious? Around 10:00, that’s the sound of Krytella moving around to shed her jeans :D)

May 202012

20:47mn – Watch out, I amplified the volume on this one, again. Also there’s a super weird faint beeping in the bg that we weren’t hearing as we recorded *at all*, wtf, I am baffled. Sorry about that.

Fullness / stuffing leads us to watersports, retention control, associated humiliation, enemas… which eventually segues into a discussion of the ways in which anal penetration is described in fic vs real life sensations. Somehow, this leads to the idea of a Disney-style sexual-training montage sequence. Hey, we never said we weren’t weirdos.

Download it from Dropbox (15MB mp3)

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0:00 retention control vs. top peeing on bottom, humiliation or not…
* Inception retention control/pee desperation commentfic, with humiliation, by an anonymous author
* I was of course completely (so completely) mistaken about never having read a story connecting watersports w/ humiliation (unsurprisingly) – I even recorded Written Up, by the_ragnarok (podfic over there)

6:01 watersports, feeding, enemas – all relate to creating fullness
* Not mentioned but a rec re:enemas creating fullness: Clean by ewin, ST:XI RPF
* Also must rec Faith in Aberrations, by Recrudescence

7:53 Krytella’s Sherlock enema not-fic

10:08 anatomy of anal sex & sphincters
* Eight arms to hold me, by Krytella
12:19 the expression “bear down” and how hard it is to translate
14:29 please write us all the fic about how weird anal sex can feel the first time

May 172012

This part (about 14mn long) starts with a plea for more female ejaculation in het and femslash fics, yes please; continues into pleas for Philippa/Ariadne then generally more Philippa fic; and finally slides into Krytella’s not-fic of Arthur/Philippa.

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Time codes:
0:00 orgasm control and edging, and how Skeller dominated us through Rule Ten
2:45 female ejaculation leading into discussion of this story: Five sexual favors Ariadne got from five teammates by Krytella
7:47 Philippa/Ariadne, Philippa,
10:42 not!fic about Arthur/Philippa (contains underage/age difference)

Other links:
On the topic of (culturally) gay!Eames: I want your psycho by Toomuchplor (podfic by yours truly available), plus, though not mentioned in the audio, Steinway!verse series also by toomuchplor

May 142012

A little over 12mn. Mostly developing ideas for stuff that could provide Arthur (or Joe) hand-porn, with a whole not-fic bit by Krytella about Arthur the engineer, then some of my suggestions/ideas for another story, and finally Krytella’s theory about the PASIV. This is a more of gen/plotty bit, interestingly; we somehow didn’t really linger on all the possible ways to eroticize of Arthur’s amazingly sexy hands.

Also, faint noises/voices in the background when Dad & co came back and started chatting & moving things right behind us, hence, once again, the abrupt end. (After this we relocated from the living-room to my bedroom :D)

Download it from dropbox (9.1MB mp3)

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flaily handporny Joe gif, probably by Pantyfire on tumblr
Here is a thing that isn’t happening, a series of connected snippets by Helenish.

May 122012

So recently my friend Krytella came to visit, and we thought it might be fun to record some of our fannish discussion, for example, all the things that occasionally made us exclaim “someone should write this for us!” We started by writing those down, and then set out to talk about them “on the record”.

Our first attempt was supposed to be outdoors in a charming spot with a great view, but the rain thwarted us and we ended up recording inside the car – sorry about the noise of the rain! The snowball mic did an awesome job of picking everything up yet making our voices perfectly audible, I am impressed.

So anyway. This first “episode” (we recorded everything the same day, but I’m cutting it in smaller chunks as I edit) is 10:20mn about Cats having many nipples! Catboys, dogs, centaurs, beastiality, and more – yet oddly, not much porn at all. Join us as I discover the existence of “milk lines” and forget the plural of “animagus”, thus losing my card as a member of the Harry Potter fandom.

Download it from Dropbox (7.5MB mp3)

Or listen to it right there:

Hair of the dog, by cthonical (Inception fic, xrated, Arthur/Eames beastiality dreamsex)

Mentions of Cordwainer Smith and his Instrumentality of Mankind, as well as Granny Weatherwax.