Oct 302012

Story: The best thing that’s ever happened
Author: Cyclogenesis
Fandom: Teen Wolf RPF x One Direction
Pairing: Harry Styles/Dylan O’Brien, Niall Horan/Zayn Malik/Tyler Posey, Holland Roden/Crystal Reed

Rating: Explicit
Content notes: moderate drug(weed) use & alcohol mentions
Duration: 27mn
Size: 20MB mp3

When Sara said she would consider writing this pairing I jumped up and down; when I got snippets on Tumblr I had to spin around and shout in glee, and then finally she finished and posted a whole story, and I had to RECORD IT ASAP.

ANYWAY. This is a super fun sexy story and I hope you enjoy this podfic. :)

Download it

Or listen right here:

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